Productive things to do in lockdown in 2021| One must know |

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News ,news ,news all around right ? Parents receiving Facebook’s notifications and start worrying. Some of the people have to attend the classes regularly just because for the sake of attendance as no one is taking it seriously ,only few might be there.

We should do things in such a way that after lockdown we gonna be a transformed one. For this ,one need to work on himself at home in this pandemic . Productive things to do in lockdown which I will be discussing below will not only be beneficial for you but also gotta entertain you.

Productive things to do in lockdown

Things one must know about ?

  1. Catch up with family and friends It’s the best time as we all are sitting at home because of the covid situation ,to utilise this time in a better way. We get busy in our day to day life ,we don’t have the time to sit with family and have atleast dinner once as everyone is busy in their own things. Family is the only backbone of an individual. Spend this time with your family , share your problems with each other , have fun and gossips ,help each other to do household works and many more ways you can go for.
Family utilising their time in a productive way.

2. Meditation– It is that time in which you are being the real you . You do do mediation twice a day and also insist your family to do by telling them it’s benefits. Just try it for a week ,then you will get used to it .

Go at a peaceful place , sit on your yoga mat and simply close your eyes. No need to have control on your breath ,just simple breathe normally . Focus on the breathe and count your breathes. It will definitely bring in oneself a loving attitude. In this time you can easily opt this and add in your lazy schedule to have productive mind.

3. Engage yourself in online working(Digital marketing)– By this , it doesn’t mean part time job , it’s just one should search about internet working instead of wasting times in watching the reels all day long. It is neither providing you knowledge nor giving any sort of benefits.

Students studying in college should Focus more on themselves in this lockdown. As I said online working , you can approach any one through Google , I would personally recommend all the readers to have a glance at , @ . It would be an interesting opportunity for you all to grab some Knowledge and money as well to create future possibilities.

4. Decorate your room The peaceful place where you can spend your best time with oneself . Why not make it attractive too? Never thought of it , but as we are having free time these days , let’s make it decorative one.

Clean your room daily , decor it with fine lightings , photos , wall-hangings or any handmade Material. It won’t only look Beautiful but also gonna give you good vibes . You can hang the photographs of your mentors , some successful whom you adore , it will give you a positive environment all the time you visit your room.

Have a look on the video for any ideas:

5. Start reading books- Another interesting thing to do is to read books on daily basis , it will help us build our vocabulary and knowledge as well.

Reading is important because it develops our thoughts, gives us endless knowledge and lessons while keeping our minds active. Books can hold and keep all kinds of information, stories, thoughts and feelings unlike anything else in this world.

Start developing the habit of reading books by start reading it 10 minutes first day , 30 minutes 2nd day and so on . One day , we will definitely get used to it.

6. Take fitness challenges– As we all know , this pandemic has made us more lethargic. We need to focus on ourselves by maintaining our mental health and physical health as well. For mental fitness and wellness , I have shared the things above , but for physical one , one can do running at home , do yoga and various activities depending on us .

I would personally recommend you all to have a research on fitness challenges. There are some videos and applications as well for this. Accept the challenges and see the change in you. You will yourself feel happy about it and would be energetic and enthusiastic.

Folks do try these productive things to do in lockdown . I hope it will be beneficial for you all. For any queries comment In the comment box and give your suggestions regarding topics , I will definitely share my views on that too. Last but not the least , just remember:

Have a look on :

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